Monday, February 21, 2011

416 While Your Weren't Sleeping

It wouldn't be a proper Upper East Side party without some major Gossip Girl drama, and for Eric's 18th birthday celebration there is plenty to go around. Blair decides to speed up the time table on her career path to becoming a powerful woman, but ultimately stretches herself too thin. Serena is forced to choose between her family and Ben. Chuck and Lily's relationship remains icy in the aftermath of Lily's betrayal.

Rye Rye Ft. M.I.A - Sunshine
Matt And Kim - Wires
Quitzow - The Cut
Ke$ha - Tik Tok
Monarchy - The Pheonix Alive (The Octans Edit)
Erik Hassle - The Thanks I Get



  1. Quitzow - The Cut was already in [414] Panic Roommate

  2. yeah it also played during this episode when Serena & Dan confront Blair about the tulip mix up and Eric informs them that Damien is coming for his money. Im going to put it up later tonight with the new tags and picture got this episode.

  3. I have The Cut by Quitzow. How do I give it to you?
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  4. thanks for your hard work :D