Monday, November 28, 2011

509 Rhodes To Perdition

Lily, Charlie and Serena eagerly anticipate the Studio 54 party being thrown in CeCe's honor. Nate takes on a new role at the Spectator, but his first big story turns out to be about someone he knows all too well. Blair turns to an unlikely person for help.

Fitz & The Tantrums - Breakin' The Chains of Love
Donna Summers - I Feel Love
Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night
Chic - Le Freak
All Mankind - Simple Desire
Still Corners - The Twilight Hour
CSS - You Could Have It All


Monday, November 21, 2011

508 All The Pretty Sources

Serena is hard at work planning a dream bridal shower for Blair, but it should come as no surprise that Serena has to plant some false information about the shower in order to keep Blair from finding out all the details. Chuck and Dan decide to spend the day together to distract themselves from the fact that they didn't make the invite list for Blair's shower. Nate and Serena find a silver bullet in Diana's war against Gossip Girl, but struggle about whether to use it or not.

Francisco The Man - Me and My Brother
Gotye - Somebody I Used To Know Feat. Kimbra
Zee Avi - Swell Window
Feist - The Bad in Each Other
Slow Club - Two Cousins
Givers - Up Up Up
Gerhard Narholz - Cha Cha Nova


Monday, November 14, 2011

507 The Big Sleep No More

Several of our favorite Upper East Siders attend a performance of Punchdrunk's provocative theater experience, "Sleep No More," which translates to masks, anonymity and some surprising romantic twists by the end of the evening. Meanwhile, Diana sets her sights on Serena in her quest to ruin Gossip Girl. Dan is out on his book tour, but things aren't exactly as they appear to his friends and family.

Gardens and Villa - Black Hills
Little Hurricane - Haunted Heart
The Japanese Popstars - Shells of Silver
Dom - Some boys Ft. Emma


Monday, November 7, 2011

506 I Am Number Nine

Blair makes all of her former minions and Charlie compete to secure the coveted bridesmaid spots in her upcoming royal wedding. Nate is tired of keeping his relationship with Diana a secret, so he decides to use Charlie to make Diana jealous. Serena's boss is determined to acquire the film rights to Dan's book, so Serena must put her personal feelings about Dan and the book aside in order to close the deal

Cults - Go Outside
The Uglysuit - On We Go
David Guetta - Titanium Ft. Sia
Friendly Fires - True Love
Lana Del Rey - Video Games
My Gold Mask - Violet Eyes